3 ways to get boxes for free

  • Kijiji: If you go into the “Free Stuff” category in Kijiji and search for “boxes”, you should come up with a long list of people looking to give away unwanted boxes.
  • Local businesses: Call some local businesses with high product turn-over rates. Usually businesses like Walmart, Sobeys, Circle K etc, have a lot of cardboard boxes the throw into the recycling. Just call in advance and organize a pick-up.
  • Ask friends: Between friends, family and co-workers, you definitely know someone with a bunch of folded up boxes lurking in a basement or dark closet. I am sure they would be more than happy to give them to you as well.

Boxes can cost anywhere from under a dollar to five bucks each. Reusing old boxes is not just economical, its ecological too.

One thought on “3 ways to get boxes for free

  1. Jianrong pan Reply

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